FFXIV – Scholar Level 90 Cross Hotbar Layout – Endwalker

It shows the preferred layout of cross hotbar for players using controllers.

Main hotbar are set 1 or set 2.
Set 1 is for single enemy. Set2 is for multiple enemies.

Left SideRight Side
Set 1Main Hotbar for Single Enemy
Set 2Main Hotbar for Multiple Enemies
Set 3[LT] & [RT][RT] double tap
Set 8 (common)[LT] double tap



Cross Hotbar Layouts

Actions not Placed

The action below is not placed.

  • Repose
  • Ruin II
  • Emergency Tactics
  • Pet actions excluding “Place” and “Heel”

Set 1: Main Hotbar for Single Enemy

Right Side [RT]

EsunaSpellRemove a detrimental effect.
BiolysisSpellDeal DoT to single enemy.
Broil IVSpellAttack to single enemy.
AetherflowAbilityRestore 20% of MP and gain Aetherflow effect.
Energy DrainAbilityAttack to single enemy.
Chain StratagemAbilityIncrease rate that the target takes critical hit.
AetherpactAbilityHeal a target over time.
RescueAbilityDraw a party member to your foot.

Left Side [LT]

Summon SeraphSpellSummon Seraph to fight at your side.
PhysickSpellHeal a party member or yourself.
AdloquiumSpellHeal a party member or yourself and deploy a barrier.
RecitationSpellAllow specific actions to execute without consuming resources.
ExcogitationAbilityHeal a party member or yourself when HP of the target reduce to less than 50%.
LustrateAbilityHeal a party member or yourself.
ProtractionAbilityIncrease maximum HP for a party member or yourself.
ResurrectionSpellResurrect a party member.

Set 2: Main Hotbar for Multiple Enemies

Right Side [RT]

EsunaSpellSame as set 1
BiolysisSpellSame as set 1
Art of War IISpellAttack to enemies around you.
AetherflowSpellSame as set 1
Energy DrainAbilitySame as set 1
Chain StratagemAbilitySame as set 1
AetherpactAbilitySame as set 1
RescueAbilitySame as set 1

Left Side [LT]

Summon SeraphSpellSame as set 1
PhysickSpellSame as set 1
AdloquiumSpellSame as set 1
RecitationSpellSame as set 1
ExcogitationAbilitySame as set 1
LustrateAbilitySame as set 1
ProtractionAbilitySame as set 1
ResurrectionSpellSame as set 1

Set 3 Left Side: [LT] + [RT]

HeelPetOrder pet to follow behind you.
Fey BlessingAbilityHeal party members around the faerie.
SuccorSpellHeal party members around you and deploy barriers.
PlacePetOrder pet to move to a specified location.
IndomitabilityAbilityHeal party members around you.
Sacred SoilAbilitySet up an area in which taken damages are reduced.
DissipationAbilityGrant “Aetherflow” stacks and increase healing effect. But faerie will be away from you for a while.
Summon EosSpellSummon faerie.

Set 3 Right Side: [RT] Double Tap

Fey IlluminationAbilityIncrease healing magic potency and deal guarding effect from magic to party members.
ExpedientAbilityIncrease movement speed and deal guarding effect to party members.
Whispering DawnAbilityHeal party members over time.
SurecastAbilityPrevent moving effect.
SwiftcastAbilityReduce recast time to zero for the next magic action.
Lucid DreamingAbilityRestore your MP over time.
Deployment TacticsAbilityExpand the effect of “Galvanize” for the target to nearby party members.
Grade 6 Tincture of MindItemIncrease your Mind.

Set 8: [LT] Double Tap – Common Actions

Limit BreakHeal party members.
ReturnAvoid any damage in 10s.
TeleportReduce damage by nearby enemies in 10s.
SprintAvoid moving effect in 6s.
よろしく【Leg’s do it!】
おつかれ【Good game!】【Thank you.】
Target to Attack 1Mark a target.
MountRide a mount.

HUD Setting

All actions are lined up to normal hotbar.
It’s useful for checking status of combo, recast and proc.

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